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Corporate Branding Services

If you haven’t thought of your corporate branding image over the web in this era, you are at a big miss. At Webmint, one of the top advertising agencies in India and a top creative branding agency in Kolkata, West Bengal, we use unique marketing & creative strategies to grab consumer attention, maximise engagement and facilitate action.

Branding matters for both small and big businesses. From our experience, we have seen different examples where proper branding ensures the success of businesses. As the leading creative branding agency, we help businesses build long term relationships with customers. Ultimately, they can build trust, increase brand value and earn customer loyalty.

We create brands, translating on-paper vision into creative reality by conceptualizing and creating an identity that resonates with the brand’s message and business goals. Once a primary identity is created with the brand logo and colors, it is seamlessly integrated across digital and non-digital properties, ensuring that the brand’s identity is maintained across the board.

We specialize in carefully crafted brand identities that authentically represent the business and ensures quick recall among the target audience, after studying the brand and what it stands for.

Brand Identity Creation

  • Know the Brand - We perform in-depth brand audits to gauge customer and company perceptions about the brand.
  • Hand-crafted Messaging - We help brands identify their core philosophies and guiding principles to hand-crafted their own unique messaging.
  • Elemental Design - Create the look, feel and voice of the brand that integrated across marketing and promotional channels.
  • Broadcast Your Identity - We create targeted digital strategy to broadcast your brand’s identity to the world and your fans.
  • Continuous Learning - Analyze your brand identity through customer and client chatter and evolve.

Online Reputation Management

Your online reputation determines how your customers perceive your brand or service. While social media allows you to get in touch with your customers instantly, it is a two-edged sword. Customers often resort to social media to voice their love (or hate) for brands, reaching out to them for product/service information, troubleshooting, show brand love or to complain. Most important of all, social media has emerged as an effective customer service tool.

Online Reputation Management harnesses the power of social media to enable positive interactions with customers and give a stellar customer service in the process.

  • Give your brand page a persona - Delight your fans with personalised communication, interact with them as a friend
  • Proactive listening & response - Make your fans feel important, by being there when they need you the most
  • Brand page Management - Turn your brand’s social media page into a potent customer happiness center